New Parking Structure

Chandler School

New Parking Structure

Partner in Charge: Maureen Sullivan

The new 63-car parking garage and elevator tower was constructed in the second phase of the South Campus Master Plan development. Driven by the need to reduce the queuing and traffic congestion caused by limited parking space, the solution was to place a new structure at the level of the Arroyo Seco (and across from the famed Rose Bowl). Access to the campus was re-routed through the existing high traffic volume infrastructure, reducing the school’s impact on the surrounding community. Designed to fit into the environment both practically and aesthetically, the structure also conforms into the existing hillside – reflecting the scale, material and style of the historic neighborhood.


V. Joseph Pica – Principal

Scot Oehlbert – Architect

Mimi Pon – Designer

Maria Gil – Designer

Anne Wong – Project Manager


Photography by Randall Michelson


Client: Chandler School

Project Size: 32,000 SF

Opening Date: 2015


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