Rothenberg Humanities Complex

Westridge School for Girls

Rothenberg Humanities Building

Partner in Charge: Maureen Sullivan

The Rothenberg Humanities Center at Westridge School involved an expansion into new properties on the north side of the campus. The design features a combination of new and existing buildings arranged around a central courtyard, and includes new dining facilities, Commons, and administrative offices; as well as history, language, and visual arts classrooms.


V. Joseph Pica – Principal

Sarah Heyenbruch – Designer

Arnold Swanborn – Architect

Jolie Wah – Architect

Serena Winner – Architect


Photography by Randall Michelson


Client: Westridge School for Girls

Project Size: 22,000 SF

Opening Date: 2000

Construction Cost: $4,300,000


Sustainable Science Building

Fran Norris Scoble Performing Arts Center

Arts Center and Pavilion