Library and Classroom Addition

Echo Horizon School

Library and Classroom Addition

Partner in Charge: Maureen Sullivan

This Library and Classroom Addition connected a suite of new facilities to the existing Echo Horizon School campus, including a new Performing Arts Center, an enlarged visual Arts Studio, a new Science Center, a new library, an expanded technology Center, an enlarged Math Center, and an expanded Pre-Kindergarden space. The project also includes new Echo Center Resource Rooms to support hearing-impaired students with state-of-the-art technology.


Joe Pica – Principal

Armando Lopez – Architect

Steve Klausner – Project Manager

Karina Taneda – Designer

Paul Whang – Designer


Photography by Randall Michelson


Client: Echo Horizon School

Project Size:
New: 15,000 SF
Remodel: 3,000 SF

Construction Cost: $3,100,000

Opening Date: September 2006


Center for Teaching and Learning

Fran Norris Scoble Performing Arts Center

Crossroads Elementary School